Research Compliance & Ethics Northeastern University

Research compliance refers to adherence to research regulations, guidelines, and ethical standards. It encompasses a set of rules and principles that researchers must follow to ensure research integrity, safety, and ethical conduct at Northeastern.

Conflict of Interest

Northeastern’s policy on outside interest disclosure responsibility and COI review.

Committees & Programs

Northeastern’s research oversight committees and working groups.

Learn more about technical control plans, licenses, and help with federally controlled technology and data.

International Engagements

Northeastern’s International Engagement Policy and Intake Form.

NSF Resources

Learn about the various resources related to the NSF awards.

Research Security & Integrity

Northeastern’s research security programs and integrity protocols.

Responsible Conduct of Research 

Learn more about Northeastern’s RCR policy and training.

Training & Policies Related to Research

Northeastern’s research policies and faculty training protocols.

Stem Cells Research Oversight (SCRO)

Northeastern’s policy and application for conducting research with human embryonic stem cells.